A Federation Health Advisory Committee was formed in order to advise the Columbia Jewish Federation (CJF) how to best mitigate the spread of Covid-19 at gatherings and events. In addition to following CDC and DHEC procedures, the CJF has created specific guidelines for Federation events in collaboration with the Federation Health Advisory Committee.

The safest Federation events would all be virtual. For at-home events that take place in-person, our Federation Health Advisory Committee makes the following recommendations: 

  • All individuals 12 years old and older are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated
  • All in-person events are recommended to be conducted in an outdoor area or covered indoor/outdoor area such as a porch
  • All participants will practice social distancing (6 ft or more) at all times
  • Masks and proper mask-wearing is mandatory for all events
  • Do not attend an event if you are quarantined for a COVID-19 virus or  recent exposure, feeling ill, have an elevated temperature, or are waiting for a pending Covid-19 test result
  • Unvaccinated children should not be present at any time at a Federation-sponsored event 
  • The Federation urges unvaccinated community members to join the events through a virtual platform


Food Service

  • Food should be served outside by one person who is wearing a mask and gloves, or each guest can pick up individually wrapped items for their plate 
  • Social distancing is a must while going through a service line or eating outside


For Federation events at the Kahn JCC or other commercial settings, there will be additional guidance offered prior to the event


The Federation Health Advisory Committee will continue to monitor the current CDC recommendations and will alter these guidelines accordingly


Columbia Jewish Federation Health Advisory Committee