Updates from your Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

updated 5/28/2021



We are sad to relay that H*3620 will not pass the Senate before this year of the legislative session ends today. It is our understanding that just as H*3620 was placed on the Calendar for its second reading in the Senate, nine Senators immediately filed to object. Due to this level of opposition and the delay it would cause, there is not enough time left in this year of the session for further action.  

By itself, this is a disappointing result.  However, there is much to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. We have built a determined statewide Stamp Out Hate Coalition of grassroot activists, faith based organizations, local municipalities, the State Chamber of Commerce, local Chambers, and South Carolina and multi-national businesses who all advocate enacting a South Carolina Hate Crime Law.

A version of the Hate Crime bill has passed the House, and next year, our bill will resume the process right where we left it. This is a milestone for South Carolina after many years of effort and many versions of Hate Crime legislation that languished. We now have the time to further develop the bill and gain the support of enough Senators so that when they are back in session, the Bill will pass and be signed by the Governor.
On behalf of the entire Stamp Out Hate steering committee, thank you for all your work and support. Although it will look a little different, our work will continue through the Summer and Fall. 

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